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Large-scale portraits honoring breast cancer survivors as their superhero of choice.

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Several years ago, nearly a dozen of artist Barbara Porwit’s friends were diagnosed with breast cancer.  As she was wondering how to help these women, she painted a portrait of her 8-year-old as Spiderman. Barbara realized that this “everyday superhero” theme could be used to celebrate and inspire the heroic nature of individuals affected by breast cancer.

With each subject, Barbara starts with two simple questions:

- If you were to be immortalized as your superhero of choice, who would you be and why?


- How would you want to be pictured?

The process evolves from there, resulting in large-scale portraits of women in their glory, capable of performing fantastic feats and overcoming great obstacles.  We also interview each woman, helping write their superhero stories. As Barbara said, “Of all the work I’ve done, nothing has matched this same sense of purpose and value.  Because of this, I became a better painter, a better person.”

We are seeking funding for three main goals:

One, major patrons or sponsors to fund the donation of the original paintings to hospitals and clinics where they can continue to do their work.

Two, a diversity expansion bringing in new artists to create new portraits honoring women from communities experiencing an unequal burden of breast cancer.

Three, other program activities including traveling exhibits, community interactives, speaker fees, high quality reproductions to offer other sites, and merchandising for cancer support group fundraisers.

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