Rusty patched bumble bee sanctuary at Oak Savannah

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If we build it they will come; Rusty patched bumble bee sanctuary at Oak Savanna Pollinator Refuge.


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Despite the fact that pollinators are responsible for our most nutritious foods, crucial for biodiversity, create the broad base of the food chain, and pollinator our natural world, pollinator are in peril.  The Rusty patch bumble bee is an endangered species and many more pollinators like the Karner blue butterfly and Monarch butterfly are at risk.  We are working hard to tell the world how to help, reduce pesticide use, and building habitat.    

If we build it, they will come.  Loss of habitat and fragmentation of landscape is one of the biggest issues contributing to the decline of pollinators.   Native plant species will be carefully considered to mimic a native oak savanna to support at-risk specialist pollinators who need plants specific to the oak savanna ecosystem in the heart of Rusty patch territory, Washington County.

Help us create a sanctuary for at-risk pollinators on 35 acres of enhanced and protected land in Lake Elmo.  Together with our volunteers, partners and supporters, we can do this!

Rusty patched bumble bee on bergamot, 2019

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