Fundraising to acquire Armadillos!

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Friends of Pine Grove Zoo
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We are raising money towards cost of acquiring an Armadillo for Pine Grove Zoo.


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$6,000 goal

We are so excited to raise money this year towards acquiring an Armadillo.   The Armadillo will not only be on exhibit but will also be one of our Outreach Ambassadors.   

Why an Armadillo?   Well, they are fascinating animals – but sadly, some of the species are on the endangered list.  It’s a great opportunity to educate about these amazing creatures and how their loss of habitat is affecting them.   Armadillos are easy to identify due to their strong protective shells and pointed heads.  The name ‘armadillo’ comes from Spanish and means ‘little armored one’. These four-legged mammals are not always small, but they do all have a striking, easily recognizable and cute appearance!

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