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Art Shelf is an upcoming non-profit that needs your support to fund its beginning stages.


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Thank you so much for your contributions and support! Art Shelf stands on the cusp of becoming a recognized nonprofit in April, we are currently harnessing the power of creativity to forge connections, inspire wellness, and transform lives through a fiscal sponsorship with Springboard for the Arts. This partnership ensures that all initial donations are tax-exempt, providing an immediate benefit to our generous supporters. 

Brief description of Art Shelf

Art Shelf aims to operates across three primary areas, each designed to enrich lives through the transformative power of creativity. Firstly, we serve as a unique resource akin to a food shelf, but for art supplies, enabling families, individuals, and groups to access creative assistance. This includes offering emergency creative assistance with same-day dispatch of creative packages aimed at harnessing the wellness benefits of creativity, such as drawing and painting, alongside ongoing support through monthly creative packages to nurture continued artistic practice.

Secondly, Art Shelf functions as a hub for the donation and distribution of creative materials. We invite the community to donate surplus art supplies, which we then make available for anyone to take home and use. This initiative not only recycles and repurposes creative resources but also ensures they continue to spark joy and inspiration within the community.

Lastly, our focus extends to programming and outreach, offering a variety of guided creative events, artistic retreats, and galleries. We aim to disburse creative materials to those in need and foster a sense of artistic community and engagement. Art Shelf plans to streamline these activities through a mobile app and our website, enhancing accessibility and offering those at the beginning of their creative journey the chance to explore and grow their skills from the comfort of their homes, ensuring they too can reap the benefits of creativity.

Start-up Needs

At this foundational stage, we are actively seeking contributions to cover the essential start-up costs that will propel our mission forward. These costs include legal expenses associated with formalizing our nonprofit status, as well as critical infrastructure needs such as website development, securing our community creative space and donation/distribution site, and purchasing creative packages and art supplies for distribution within the community.

Your support during this pivotal time is invaluable. Each donation is a building block in the infrastructure of Art Shelf, enabling us to lay the groundwork for a future where creative resources are accessible to everyone, especially those in critical life moments needing wellness through creativity. With plans to expand our reach and deepen our impact, your early contribution is not just an investment in Art Shelf but in the belief that creativity can fundamentally change lives.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the innovative programs and expansive reach Art Shelf will achieve. Through your support, we aim to ensure that access to creativity is universal—transforming community landscapes across the globe. This vision for the future is ambitious, but with the backing of our community and the tax-exempt contributions facilitated by Springboard for the Arts, we are poised to make a significant impact. Join us in these formative moments for Art Shelf, and be part of a movement that champions creativity as a vital tool for healing, growth, and unity. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of creativity.

Thank you again for your support and love!

Willard Malebear - Executive Chairman

Colin Cash - Vice Chairman

Holly Henning - Secretary

Kiley Benson - Treasurer

For more information and update please visit our website

Art Shelf is currently a fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts. To give to Springboard:

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