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Spark-Y is raising money to help us donate over 750 Virtual Victory Gardens kits to families in need


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Spark-Y's Response:

Our educators are mobilizing to provide both online and tangible resources to our students, partners, and community members that will be valuable forms of education even after the immediate emergency is over. We are working with our partners to create at-home learning kits for families to pick up at strategic drop sites and can be used by families for home school education, summer programming for schools, and individual community events in the future.

The main kit we are creating is our Virtual Victory Garden kit. In partnership with the Northside Community Response Team we are distributing over 750 garden kits to families in need. The kit contains everything a family needs to grow a high-yield garden in their backyard or window and comes with a handbook and online resources to help families bond over and learn about gardening. 

We need your help! Community members can purchase their own Virtual Victory Garden kit. When you buy a victory garden for your home, you automatically donate a second kit to a family in need.

If you simply want to donate towards this cause to allow us to donate even more kits and to fund all of the resources we are creating. We ask you to donate to our #GiveAtHomeMN fundraiser.

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