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Upper Midwest Law Center is a non-profit, pro-liberty public interest law firm representing the rights, liberties and interests of citizens, businesses, churches and other non-profits against government abuses, special interest agendas and public union corruption and overreach.  Its objective is to provide a counter weight to the mostly far-left leadership in state government and intractable public unions, and to seek justice and fairness for those who work, build families and businesses, pay taxes and play by the rules.

Founded in early 2019, UMLC has already established itself as a force in initiating litigation to protect and defend Minnesotans and others in the area.  It has successfully represented several public employees seeking to opt out of unions and stop paying dues under the Supreme Court's 2018 Janus decision which determined that forced unionization of public sector employees is unlawful.  

UMLC is also fighting to obtain information about attorneys implanted in Minnesota's Attorney General's office by the NYU School of Law's Environmental Center funded by Michael Bloomberg to pursue its agenda.  UMLC's two cases against Attorney General Keith Ellison are ongoing.  

Also, in a stand against eco-terrorism, UMLC has sued vandals who damaged equipment of contractors and loggers working near the Enbridge Pipeline 3 renovation project in northern Minnesota last year.  the case may also take on organizations which support or fund this vandalism.  

On another front, UMLC is keeping its eye on Governor Walz's proposed rulemaking to impose draconian new vehicle emission standards on car dealers in Minnesota.  This quota mandate, modeled after California's rules, would limit car buying options and increase bureaucracy and expense for car buyers in our state.  

Recently, UMLC has been fighting for citizens whose business and churches have been harmed by Governor Walz's shutdown orders.  Its suit against the Governor, which is ongoing, was instrumental in his reopening of churches and loosening restrictions on businesses.  

Also in August, UMLC, on behalf of several residents, sued the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Frey over their failure to protect them by failing to fund, employ and manage the proper police force as required by the City Charter.

Finally, UMLC has filed suit to stop enforcement of Governor Walz's state mask wearing mandate on the basis that Walz exceeded his authority and that this Executive Order violates Minnesota's Constitution and conflicts with Minnesota statutes.  

Support for UMLC is critical and urgent.  It is working to stop the out-of-control and ongoing unlawful actions by extreme organizations that threaten our safety, livelihoods and our democracy.  Without adequate defense of the rule of law of American institutions, the way of life established by our country's founders and our Constitution are in grave danger of being lost forever.

UMLC is working hard to bring about needed change through litigation.  Because it is a non-profit public policy law firm, its legal work is conducted without charge to its clients. Rather, UMLC relies on donors to provide the necessary capital to do this important work of protecting and defending citizens in Minnesota and beyond.

We hope you will help to support UMLC by making a meaningful contribution today. Please note, you may indicate at the time of making your online donation that you would like to remain anonymous. And exciting news: This year, your Give to the Max 2020 gift to UMLC will go twice as far thanks to a generous donor who will match your contribution, dollar for dollar!  If you prefer, you may send a check to Upper Midwest Law Center; 8421 Wayzata Blvd., #105; Golden Valley, MN 55436.

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