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During our previous relief trips to Nepal, we realized the few traditionally available dolls reflect Western stereotypes- blond and blue-eyed dolls. In support of our educational campaign, Positively Perfect created a doll for us that looks like little girls in these countries. We have been able to take several trips with donated dolls to Nepal since October 2021. We are raising funds to deliver more dolls to girls in Nepal and India. The dolls are a tool that helps support girls to make better choices for themselves; including staying in school and avoiding getting married at a young age.

A child's self-esteem has a big impact on how children navigate their world and the actions they take. We want them to understand that their individual differences, from the color of their skin to how they look, should be embraced and celebrated. 

Our goal is to affirm to every girl that they are beautiful and normal, exactly the way they are. 

We need your help: 

•    to assist a child in developing a healthy self-image and becoming more imaginative about their future aspirations.

•    to assist a child in embracing their cultural and racial identity.

With a donation of $25.00, you can send a doll to a young girl halfway across the world. The Headwaters team will take these dolls to Nepal and India as part of an ongoing educational campaign that focuses on empowering and supporting girls to continue their education. If you would like to participate in this program or to make a contribution visit our website.

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