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Inviting artistic courageous voices that collaborate, innovate and empower to pass on our Legacy


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Legacy Arts Group

Collaborate- Innovate- Empower

The Legacy:

Legacy Arts Group has one mission: Provide quality unique arts immersion experiences that develop and provide a platform for the next generation of brave new artmakers in the Twin Cities.  Combine the art of collaboration, the power of inclusion to innovate new ways to make art, and empower each brave voice to be courageous in their expression, you have at its core the heartbeat of what Legacy Arts Group is all about.

Collaboration and Innovation
Provide a collaborative structure to art-making that allows the beginner or the pro to come into a project and find a new passion for creation. Allow the participant to build on transferrable skills while sharpening artistic forms. Embrace participant voice in artistic choice to further support the collaborative environment.


Through Training: Partner with local and selected national artists to facilitate dynamic workshops that sculpt talent and push to excel top talent.

Through Performance: Create opportunities for participants to sharpen tools of performance quality, receive feedback and build a reciprocal of giving and receiving with communities abroad all while getting better at delivering a quality product. Providing opportunities for performance to groom the leading talent in our area.

Through Next Generation Cultivation: Deepen performance capabilities by accepting proposals of work by participants to share with the community. Create a mentor network of support to employ, recruit, and provide opportunities for our leaders in artmaking to shine. Give an opportunity for the cohort to share with the generation to follow. To continue the Legacy.

The Project:

The “Vessel “ Series

The mission of this series is to build awareness of and further de-stigmatize mental health among our community. We want to collaborate with and further empower all of our participants in their chosen outlet of performing and visual arts to share their stories and be a vessel for change by uplifting their voices. 

Too many times we have heard "I wish I would have said something" or, "I thought something was off" when a family or friend was going through a tough time. We all have those moments. We have the right to be human, and no matter how ugly the situation, we can find beauty, and hope in that struggle.  Sharing your story can empower others to be courageous and even find healing through art. Sharing this time together can begin to bond our community in ways that build support, acceptance of help from community resources and open up new avenues of expression and or performance. 

Most of all it can shift how we create new art. Through this generational and cultural legacy passing, access to local professional artists, and exposure to various mental health services, we hope to provide a safe place for expression, healing, and courage to move through any situation. Becoming a "Vessel" for change.

Inside the "Vessel" Series

Through the offerings of Vocal Arts, Band, Theater, Spoken Word, Dance, Photography and Videography, we plan to bring to the forefront a project that allows the participant to explore their feelings on situations that have shaped their lives. Each workshop will include:

  • Real talk session that opens the floor to share their perspectives on real issues that affect the community and builds ideas for original work
  • Reflection session for participants to write down, gather their thoughts and brainstorm congruent ideas that become sharable work within the given discipline
  • Time to collaborate with other youth artists in the session and polish selected work, further giving power to their voice and build a place of support in that circle.
  • The “Vessel” Open Mic Night sharing opportunity to allow participants a final space to perform work to culminate their experiences, build networks of support and talent that will create our next generation of art makers.
  • Session Debrief with 1)a survey at the end of the sessions, 2) a meeting of performing students, 3) meeting with performing teachers/facilitators.
  • "When Artists Meet" A chance to see all the workshop professional artists at their best improvisational practice sharing collaborative time, watched by the students. This allows the students to see the professional artists' theories in the classroom, in practice, in realtime.

Programming is scheduled to begin in August 2021

The Future Is Now!

Legacy Arts Group is a Community Partner with the celebrated Guthrie Theater! Our production, "The Beautiful Ugly" will work alongside the "Twelfth Night" production as our cast learns a deeper connection to the art of producing theater. We will have the honor of producing our work on the Guthrie's Dowling Studio for our Twin Cities premier! All Proceeds will benefit our goal to perform in the  Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2022!

Learn More about our journey to the Fringe on our website:

Legacy Arts Group


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