Introducing RaiseMN—a new program to build nonprofit fundraising capacity

Since 2015, GiveMN board and staff have been examining and researching a critical gap for small to medium-sized nonprofits in our community – the capacity to build sustainable strategies and infrastructure around their overall fundraising needs. Over the past two years, we have been working to identify these needs, through research and conversations with organization leaders and funders, and determining if GiveMN could pilot a model to assist nonprofits with building lasting capacity around their fundraising efforts. 

RaiseMN is our pilot program designed to meet these needs.

Our research uncovered a clear need in the nonprofit community to build more fundraising capacity and strategies. We surveyed hundreds of Minnesota nonprofits over the past two years, finding 40% of organizations relied on volunteers alone to fundraise and an additional 32% had only one staff member charged with raising money (often among many facets of their job description). Overall, 69% of respondents said they are not confident that their current fundraising strategy is meeting the demands of their missions.

Thanks to generous support from The Saint Paul Foundation, RaiseMN will focus its inaugural year in the Twin Cities East Metro. RaiseMN coaches—a mix of GiveMN staff and expert consultants—will spend 2017 working with five small to medium-sized organizations primarily serving Ramsey, Washington and Dakota counties. RaiseMN is not a one-size-fits-all program like a conference workshop or online webinar—instead, organizations and coaches will design a collaborative learning curriculum and campaign that leverages the resources and opportunities of the participants.  

Learn more: Program Overview and Requirements | Application | Virtual Info Session (YouTube)

RaiseMN is geared to help selected nonprofits move beyond simply accepting online donations, and assist them in building their overall capacity for fundraising, from marketing and communications to technical needs and data management. Through a mix of expert coaching, trainings and peer-learning, RaiseMN will help nonprofits strengthen their existing strategy and build sustainable fundraising infrastructure based on the specific needs of each organization. RaiseMN will culminate with a fundraising campaign, complete with matching gifts available up to $10,000. 

As we work with our first group of organizations, we are beginning with the end in mind, as we strive to build a scalable model that we can replicate in more communities. Thus, we will be constantly evaluating this year’s program delivery and results with the goal of expanding RaiseMN into the future. 

Learn more about RaiseMN through our Program Overview and Requirements or by contacting Andrea Kopfmann at or 651-325-4251.

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Virtual Information Session (YouTube)


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