WCTS Friendraiser 2017
Project for Central Baptist Theological Seminary

Become a new friend fo WCTS Radio by donating during the month of May!

Last September, at our annual Sharathon, WCTS asked for and met our stated financial goal. At that time, we said that that goal did not necessarily represent the whole need, and it didn’t. During May, WCTS will be appealing in a special way to members of our audience who have never before contributed to the support of this radio ministry. We look forward to a kickoff event on Friday and Saturday, May 5 & 6, then we will continue to add to our goal of 50 new friends all throughout the month of May. Please join us for this month-long Friend-raiser. If you are a regular supporter of WCTS, thank you for all you do! But for this month, only new friends will count toward our goal. Please join us for the May Friend-raiser right here on WCTS, AM 1030.

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