Project for Success Beyond the Classroom

Spark a love of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in Twin Cities' fifth and sixth graders

STEMLink gives fifth and sixth grade students an introduction to science, tech, engineering, and math careers in with hands-on sessions led by professionals and professors in STEM. Our career focus helps students understand how the science and math they study at school can lead to a life’s work that is stimulating, challenging and meaningful.

900 students attended STEMLink in 2016.
-STEMLink inspired 846 students to be more excited about STEM. Some said, "I’m going to start exploring more science and technology", "I’m going to research more opportunities for me that include math and science", "I’m going to take advanced science in 8th grade", and "I’m going to purify water in India for my relatives to drink."
-873 said they were provided with real-world examples of STEM work and workers. They told us, "I liked learning about careers", "They all helped me understand things I can do with science, math, technology & engineering", "STEMLink taught me what I can expect for my future!"
-747 students said they experienced STEM careers that were new to them, "It was really cool to see all the options for jobs I could have in the future", "I learned something new in all my classes!"
-846 now understand how studying science and math can lead to exciting STEM careers. "It made me think about how I can help the world", "I’m going to work harder in my classes so I can get a good career"
-761 students will work harder in their math and science classes because of STEMLink (11 students said they “already work hard”). "I will pay more attention in class", "I will not give up that easily", "I’m going to work harder at school to accomplish my dreams."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 20 fastest growing occupations are in STEM fields. STEMLink inspires students to pursue secondary and higher education coursework that can lead to an exciting career in STEM. Support the present and the future of Twin Cities students today!
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