Ride for Rescue

Only a ride often determines whether an animal lives or dies on the reservation

Give to the Max for Red Lake Rosie’s Rides for Rescue

     The remote location of the Red Lake Reservation and surrounding area in northern Minnesota is a barrier to the necessary rescue of hundreds of homeless and unwanted companion animals.

     In addition to providing neuter/spay clinics for 10 years at Red Lake we also must locate homeless and unwanted animals and rehome them.    Reservation companion animals collectively face geographic isolation, harsh climates, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, lack of shelter, poor socio/economic conditions, and cultural barriers which compound the problem.  The survival of these animals especially in harsh winter season is at stake.   Only a ride oftentimes will determine if the animal lives or dies.

     Our area does not have adoption opportunities for large numbers of unwanted dogs and cats found in our areas, so local placement is not an option.

       In 2015 Red Lake Rosie's rescued and transported 859 companion animals in cooperation with Leech Lake Legacy.  We anticipate comparable numbers in 2016.

     Red Lake owns a cargo van and a variety of crates to provide for the movement of animals to the shelter from the villages of Red Lake and White Earth, to the local vet, and to other rescues in the region of Minnesota.  We have the tools, but need the energy to fuel them.

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