Wood Lake Nature Center - Emily Day Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Instill the love of nature in every child

A place of natural discovery for children
Every summer the eyes of children are opened to the wonders of the natural world through summer camp experiences at Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield. Kids wade in the marsh looking for critters, build forts out of sticks and branches, and see wildlife firsthand. It's a magical experience filled with lessons that will shape a lifetime of love for the environment. 

Let every child experience the wonder
It's an experience denied to children whose families cannot afford the camp fees. To open this opportunity to all children in Richfield, Minnesota, the Wood Lake Nature Center is introducing the Emily Day Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, which will serve children who come from low income families.

A tribute to Emily Day, an inspiration to people of all ages
The fund is dedicated in honor of Emily Day, a former teacher from the Richfield Public School System who has reached the age of 101 years. The fund is a tribute to Emily's lifelong devotion to teaching youth. 

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