MCC - Refugee Services

Welcome refugees into new lives of freedom, hope and opportunity.

Refugees come with hope for a new life of freedom.  You empower refugees with opportunities to achieve their dreams. 

Your support empowers refugees to move as quickly as possible to self-sufficiency.  For some, arrival to the US is the first time they have the opportunity to work towards reaching their full potential.  Refugee Services provides unique, wrap-around services for employment, housing, green cards, mental health and more.

Your support also allows us to build a more welcoming community in the Twin Cities and Mankato. Through our work with volunteers, churches, and educational presentations, we leverage gifts of time and talent to help refugees and transform the hearts of welcoming communities. We believe that those who befriend refugees are deeply impacted themselves, and that they share their experiences with those around them.

The news about the vast numbers of people on the move, displaced or in camps, is overwhelming to the point of paralyzing. Just the sheer level of human suffering is unimaginable.  It feels like there is nothing I can do. Helping with this project is a huge benefit.  It is a drop in the ocean but for this family (and for me) it means everything.” 

-         Recent church volunteer from St. Paul, MN

Refugees need you to support them in their hope and to give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams.  They rely on your continued monetary donations. 

Giving to refugees is a great way to say “thank you” for the gifts of freedom, hope and opportunity you have received in your life.  If you ever wonder the value of these, ask one of the many refugees you have helped us welcome…they have gratitude too great for words.  

Refugee Services by the Numbers

  • Welcomed 459 refugees from 17 countries.
  • Helped 120 refugees secure and maintain their first job, stabilizing household income for over 200 people.
  • Empowered 240 refugees to navigate their communities through intensive education around financial literacy, public transportation, housing, and job readiness.
  • Assisted 391 refugees and asylees petition for their permanent residency and citizenship
  • Assisted 42 refugees along their path to family reunification with 121 separated family members
  • Received high praise of Refugee Services programs from State of Minnesota monitors.
  • Facilitated 10 health education events for refugees in partnership with the Mankato Islamic Center
  • Engaged our community in donated volunteer time and material goods valued at over $350,000


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