Xperitas' mission is transforming lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning.

 Since 1972, Xperitas (formerly ISE and Global Citizens Network) has worked to create authentic cultural and language immersion experiences for tens of thousands of high school students and adults to deepen their understanding of other cultures, create bonds with their host communities and families and ultimately increase global competence. Xperitas launches them on lifelong journeys of connecting, appreciating and working with other cultures. 

Xperitas' vision is for all people to be connected in one global community. In 2013, we launched the Global Learners fund to progress towards that goal. This fund supports schools and students with limited resources, who may not otherwise not have access to cultural and language immersion experiences. Last year, a group of students from Park Center High School in Brooklyn Park received a scholarship to travel to our partner community in Guatemala, where they lived with members of the village and worked on a community project. This is what some of the students had to say about their experience:

"This is the best thing I've done in my life so far. It was nothing like I expected and it broke down mental barriers for me."

"I feel the trip made me open my eyes to the world around me and gave me a deeper cross cultural perspective."

"My whole life I have been told about the differences and that I had more than most people in other parts of the world, but in Guatemala the only thing I could focus on was the similarities. Kind, inviting and hard working people trying to create a better life for their community and beauty in all places if one only takes a moment to look.  We connected and experienced the culture and were truly embraced by the community in a way I didn’t think we could ever achieve in such a short time. The inspiring community of Xecam has left a lasting impact on me and I only hope I have done the same for them."

With your financial support, we can provide transformational experiences, instill leadership skills and develop global competence in students regardless of their families' financial circumstances  and move ever closer to one global community.

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