Urban Roots

We Grow Healthy Communities While Inspiring The Next Generation of Leaders!

Urban Roots experiential “earn as you learn” programs are grounded in improving urban food systems, supporting and fostering connection to Saint Paul’s parks and green spaces, and promoting active living. Our programs provide hands-on learning and foster critical life skills around entrepreneurial thinking, resilience and collaboration. Urban Roots offers youth ages 14-21 from Saint Paul’s East Side paid internships in our three program areas: Market Garden, Cooking & Wellness and Conservation.

Through our core programs we have:

-Engaged more than 2,500 children, youth and families in Saint Paul through healthy cooking programs, food sales and distribution, and environmental action projects

-Harvested over 11,000 lbs of produce grown in five urban gardens on Saint Paul’s Eastside and sold produce and value added products through our CSA and farmers market stand

-Removed thousands of cubic yards of invasive species in parklands, intensively managing over 15 acres of nature sanctuary and habitat for pollinators and wildlife

Urban Roots’ internship program is structured with a 3+ year progressive program model. In that time interns establish relationships with staff and other interns and build skills as they work on their career pathways through an increasing progression of leadership and income opportunities:

SEED CREW: 1st year interns ages 14-15

GROW CREW: 2nd year+ interns ages 15-18

HARVESTER: 3rd year+ interns ages 17-20 (Advanced Internship)

Your DONATION will support Urban Roots Youth INTERNSHIP PROGRAM

 at these levels:

$35 - Pays for one week of healthy after school snacks

$50 - Purchases one set of rain gear for a Market Garden Crew intern

$100 - Provides one college access visit during the school year

$200 - Purchases bike equipment for one Conservation intern in the Restoration Bike Crew

$500 - Supplies food staples for 60 interns in our SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM

$1,000 - Supports summer program wages for one SEED CREW intern

$1,500 - Supports summer program wages for one GROW CREW intern

$2,000 - Supports summer program wages for one HARVESTAR intern

 You've heard from us, now hear what the youth have to say:

"I like all aspects of gardening, well not the weeding AS much, but planting, harvesting, washing, and selling the produce to customers at markets.  It's cool to see how all of the hard work of gardening turns into beautiful and healthy food for all of us to enjoy and appreciate." -Haset, 15

“The experience of working with people from all ages and backgrounds during my four years influenced my decision to pursue a degree in Social Work, I realized how much I liked working with people and learning from each other.” -Mai, 19

"I learned to make better choices about my food and was able to bring those ideas back to my family.  I feel proud that I influenced my family to use more vegetables in our cooking and meals" -Tony, 15

Thank you for supporting our work and collaboration with our partners, volunteers, community members, staff and for investing in our amazing youth interns!

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