Galtier Elementary School

Support reading at our growing community school

This year, we are asking for support to help fund a literacy specialist for our school. Our 1st grade is busting at the seams with 30 busy, curious, energetic children. While we are confident we'll grow enough for two full-time teachers for this group next year, a literacy specialist for this school year would make a world of difference for our amazing, dedicated teachers and each one of our first graders. Thank you for considering Galtier for a donation this year!

What is Galtier all about?

Galtier Community School is a model for the future of education in St. Paul Public Schools. What makes us so special? The physical space might be the first difference you'd notice. Our dynamic learning studios are home to several grades of students who work in each flexible space. This unique school environment helps shape the personalized approach to teaching and learning. Students are challenged to show they understand what they’ve learned through iPads, cooperative learning, acting, drawing, presentations and more. Whether they are excelling or need extra help, students can be grouped by skill level rather than grade level, offering a unique classroom environment for collaboration.

The school is truly a community school in every sense of the word. With fewer than 200 students, the school feels like family. The principal and teachers greet students by name in the hallways. Positive behavior intervention assures that children are supported in practicing constructive and helpful actions. Our children are surrounded by caring adults in a warm and safe atmosphere. We've been told that our atmosphere is something that's truly special, and can't be found just anywhere. It's been intentionally cultivated over several years, and remains an ongoing focus for the school through efforts such as a monthly character trait that the entire school focuses on, such as gratitude.

Why is the need for a literacy specialist urgent for this year?

When the school district refocused on community schools several years ago, Galtier transitioned from a magnet to a community school. This meant that a significant number of Galtier students were no longer eligible for bussing, and our overall enrollment dropped. Since that time, Galtier has been building a strong, growing school. For this school year, our school budget was based on an enrollment projection of 144 students. While we are absolutely thrilled that we blew past that number with about 175 students now walking our halls, it does mean that our budget needs a bit of support.

Thank you!


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