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RECLAIM's mission is to increase access to mental health support for queer and trans youth so they may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. We work to provide financially and culturally accessible care to queer and trans youth and their families, as well as train practitioners and partner in community to create systems of change at the intersection of gender and racial justice.

We currently support an average of 95 queer and trans youth ages 13-25 each week. 

Over 80% of our clients identify as trans or gender non-conforming,
and about 50% as people of color.

Each day, the young people connected to RECLAIM bravely move toward what they wish to reclaim in their own lives. A vision of social justice guides this work. RECLAIM aims to bring mental health support directly to the most vulnerable queer and trans youth where and when they need it, reducing barriers related to finances, transportation, scheduling, as well as cultural preferences for relating.

This work is supported by incredible contributions from the community. Each session or gathering at RECLAIM we begin by saying, "Many people who you do not know and may never meet have given generously of themselves to make this support possible. They want you to know that you are beautiful just as you are. So if you are ever feeling alone or unloved, please remember this."

Participating youth and families say,

"I was unable to find a therapist who was right for me before RECLAIM, especially considering my litany of issues. It's extremely nice and comforting to know that in regards to any trans stuff, your therapist gets it and you have a moment to not be the educator. Being trans intertwines with my mental health issues, and I appreciate seeing someone who's an expert on both."

"Our care has been excellent, and we've already seen vast improvements since we've been here.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We especially appreciate having access to services despite not having access to insurance coverage at this time."

"RECLAIM is such an affirming and supportive space, and I’ve seen it make a real difference it the lives and health of me and other trans people I know."  

The impact of your gift:

  • $1000 ($83/month) provides an uninsured youth with a month of weekly therapy for a month, along with the weekly caring accompaniment we provide to all clients.
  • $500 ($42/month) supports ten BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) youth to attend an evening of our new BIPOC-specific support group.
  • $120 ($10/month) supports two youth to participate in RECLAIM’s weekly Gender Exploration Group, a space for healing, connecting, and building community.
  • $60 ($5/month) supports a youth to participate in a healing circle for social support during a time of social distancing.

This is what we do:

Individual and Family Counseling: Clients may present with a wide range of mental health concerns, including but not limited to gender identity, sexual orientation, substance abuse, sexual abuse, depression or anxiety. No one is turned away from counseling due to inability to pay. Recommended fee for service is the amount equivalent to what the client earns per hour. Documentation for hormones and for surgeries for clients who are transgender can be provided.

Gender Exploration Group: An older youth group welcomes young people interested in exploring their gender identity in the company of other youth. Typical topics include decision making related to medical intervention, family relationships, communication, sex and love. Participants are encouraged to find their growing edge (wherever it may be) and lean into it with a bit of laughter and love.

Passages Practitioner Development: The Passages program aims to change the cultural and systemic landscape of healing for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer people (LGBTQ) and People of Color & Indigenous (POCI) individuals and communities through supporting practitioner development. POCI and Transgender/Gender Non-Binary students and practitioners of all experience levels from healing and social service disciplines are encouraged to participate. This program is open to all practitioners, and allies invested in interculturally sensitive healing are welcome. 

Training & Consultation: RECLAIM offers both training and on-going consultation to organizations that are interested in improving their ability to work effectively around experiences of sexual orientation and gender identity. We can provide on-going clinical consultation (often bi-weekly or monthly) to organizations who wish to support their front line staff as they respond to the mental health needs of their clients.

Please join the support for our work!

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