Prairie Fire Lady Choir

We're Ladies. We Like to Sing

Legend goes that best friends Jacquie Fuller and Molly Balcom Raleigh leaned over their MPR cubicles one day in 2010 and said “we should start a lady choir.” They recruited their friends from MPR and the greater Twin Cities area and together became the Prairie Fire Lady Choir. Through the years, our group has grown to roughly 55 members. Many of us had not met before joining the choir but our love of music has made us fast friends. We are self directed and volunteer led. Many of our songs are arranged for free by choir members but we would like to be able to hire guest arrangers and conductors. We enjoy collaborating with musicians in the Twin Cities and would like to be able to pay them for their time and talent.  Our varied taste in music allows for our diverse repertoire with songs by Bonnie Prince Billy to Bikini Kill and everything in between.

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