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The mission of YES! is to support people's active engagement in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world. We believe the kinds of transformational changes our society needs will come from ordinary people acting in their communities, cities, and states, and through social movements. In print and online we showcase the people and places that are driving these changes. In this way, we inspire our readers to join in the transition to a world that works for all.


Is it too late? Has the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere and oceans reached an irreversible point? Is the grotesque gap between rich and poor insolvable? Is racism so deeply embedded in our culture that we will never achieve justice? Has our money-soaked election-system made government for the people impossible?

Our societal problems today seem so entrenched that many question our ability to solve them. Yet no one wants to feel helpless. People crave a vision and pathways that lead us to a better world.

YES! Magazine provides that vision. For 25 years, YES! has been fearless in pointing to the systemic changes needed to create a fairer, more sustainable world. We've challenged the vested interests that hold society back. But rather than excoriate those creating the problems, we celebrate the people pioneering new ways of thinking, working, and living that can lead us to that better world.

This work has made us a respected voice in independent media. We've become known as a source of powerful ideas and practical actions that derive from a systemic analysis of underlying problems, rather than one-off fixes. Our stories are regularly carried by many progressive news aggregators. Media and organizational partners take our stories to millions of engaged citizens who use the ideas they read about in YES! to make their own communities more just, fair and sustainable.

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