HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

HERO collects and redistributes donated healthcare materials to benefit those in need, locally and globally.

HOW HERO HELPS Locally. Globally. & Environmentally.

HERO's purpose is to save useful medical supplies, discarded by health care facilities, from the local landfills and incinerators. Instead HERO distributes the equipment to those in need. Initially 90% of the items were sent to third world medical missions.  Today HERO supports over 3,000 local individuals annually along with 50 annual medical missions. 

Items available at HERO include walkers,  wheelchairs, safety bars, wound care, shower accessories, and personal hygiene products. This reuse program has made many lives cleaner,safer and more comfortable for both the patient and the caretaker. 

 In 2014 HERO saved OVER 163,000 pounds of medical items from disposal in area landfills.

HERO receives donated medical items from area health facilities as well as gently used items from community members. Items are inspected for cleanliness, and usability before being distributed back into the community or shipped globally.

HERO has a local storefront to help serve those in the Fargo-Moorhead area in need of medical supplies. No one is ever turned away at HERO if unable to cover the suggested handling fee on an item. 

We can provide supplies to your medical mission group! Our supplies have reached every continent (except Antarctica) to help those in need. As soon as Antarctica is ready to accept supplies, HERO is ready for Antarctica. 

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