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Grameen Foundation is a leader in the fight against poverty in Sub Saharan Africa, Asia, the Arab World, and the Americas. Since our beginning in 1997, our programs, resources and fresh ideas have helped more than 45 million poor people, mostly women and children, improve their lives. Building strong local institutions that reach even more people in the poorest communities is a cornerstone of our work. We help microfinance institutions (MFIs), credit unions, cooperatives and poverty-focused organizations secure financing, develop strategies to attract and maintain a talented and dedicated workforce, and better track how quickly their clients are leaving poverty. Our technology initiatives focus on helping MFIs work more efficiently and serve more people and on providing new business opportunities and access for poor people. Bold thinking and new ideas are critical if we are to win the fight against global poverty.

Grameen Foundation is a leader in advancing innovative solutions to make microfinance and technology work better and help more people escape the cycle of poverty. Using microfinance and technology, we work with local poverty-focused organizations and global allies to help them reach and serve more of the world's poor people more effectively. Our goal is to use our resources, knowledge and innovations to identify large scale solutions and strategies that really do move people out of poverty, and then share that knowledge widely. Our work focuses on six key areas: - Connecting microfinance institutions with capital markets - Strengthening organizations by building people practices - Harnessing the power of technology - Helping track people’s movement out of poverty - Sharing knowledge widely for broader impact - Social Business Source

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