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Nearly 40 years ago we dared to bring art out of a gallery and into people’s everyday lives. Today, our NEW mission and vision echoes a refreshed commitment to advancing the transformational power of arts in public life—in our home base of Minnesota, as well as nationally and internationally.

The field of public art is expanding as more artists from different backgrounds and disciplines explore opportunities to make meaningful work beyond the walls of galleries and museums. The power of public art is that it is accessible to all people—beyond the limitations of age, race, class, gender, mobility, education, immigration status or language.

Public art today goes beyond murals, monuments and memorials; it seeks to engage a community and bring it to life in new ways. In addition to beautifying public spaces, artists of all disciplines are taking their creativity into communities and addressing needs, such as the environment, community health, cultural diversity, youth development, and tourism.

As always, Forecast is at the forefront of public art, serving as a laboratory for the development of best practices, providing responsive consulting and creative services, supporting public artists, and offering abundant resources.

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