Fearless Comedy Productions

We are Fearless! Come Laugh, Learn and Dare To Do!

The goal of Fearless Comedy Productions (Fearless) is to produce comedy without limits and to help each performer and producer find their unique voice. Fearless supports shows that push boundaries and push buttons, and artists who explore every facet of comedy production from stage to video to podcasting and beyond. At Fearless we believe comedy should never be scary: it should be fearless.

We are in our fifth year. We have completed a 3-show season in 2015 of original plays, a 5-show 2016 season and 6-shows for the 2017 season. Fearless currently produces three monthly shows: Double-Blind Improv, Fearless Lab, Power Point Karaoke. We produce Big Fun Radio Funtime for special events. We also produce Die Laughing, a 50-hour comedy marathon, each spring.

Our goal is within the next year is to find a permanent home for Fearless Comedy Productions. This new theater will not only be a home to our Fearless productions, but also a place for local directors and performers to try new things in an affordable, supportive environment, a space where people can produce the shows they want without fear. In addition to offering a place to perform, this theater will help develop and strengthen the community through classes taught by Fearless members and partners.

Our cast membership ranges from their 20s to their 50s, multicultural and supports all genders.  We have a modest first year goal of $3,500 this year for Give to the Max Day.  We are Fearless, and will prove it to you every chance we get. 
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