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Young people develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to solve tough environmental problems. Given the opportunity to lead, youth are more likely to take on active roles in adulthood. The impact of Earth Force doesn't last for a day, a semester, or a year. It lasts for a lifetime.


"In a world increasingly driven by organizations or initiatives with stylistic visual "packaging," but often lacking in substance, Earth Force rises above the fray with high quality youth programs with long-term impact. Beyond the logos and graphics, which Earth Force does well, one quickly realizes the organization is about the people and community. Phone calls like "Can you help us spread the word about summer camp?" to "Can you help gather a youth group for storm drain marking", are always answered with "Yes, we'll be glad to support the effort!" There are no territory issues, no egos, just the work, a spirit of collaboration, and the community goals. In the field of environmental stewardship, it becomes evident that change begins at the community-level, and often youth are the ripples in the pond that impact their families and communities. Earth Force programs reinforce the community ideal and aim at developing a long-term relationship, not just an episodic event, with youth." -- David in South Carolina

"I started with Earth Force in the 3rd grade, my first service project was on community recycling and this project was presented to an auditorium filled with proud parents from the best low-income neighborhood in the world; the Five-Points community in Denver, Colorado. I continued with Earth Force engaging in a number of other service projects eventually becoming a classroom assistant at both Swansea Elementary and Columbine Elementary schools. At a young age, these experiences challenged my understanding of environmental thought as it applied to poverty, youth activism and community education and engagement. Having the ability to learn from and engage with these intelligent, progressive, and down-to-earth individuals ultimately helped to shape my relationship to the professional world and at the same time keep me grounded in what meant the most to me: creating active and empowered individuals from all walks of life, building stronger more sustainable communities, and bringing everyone to the table in discussions about environmental action." -- Asia in Denver

"Working with Earth Force over the last 6 years has changed the way I teach and the way my students learn. While environmental science is nice to talk about, it is meant to be experienced. The support and coordination with Earth Force has showed our students that "Science is REAL!" By gaining hands on experience while working elbow to elbow with actual environmental engineers, our students develop a passion for their investigations and take ownership of their discoveries. We would not be able to provide this powerful impacting experience for our students without the support of Earth Force." -- Vaughn in Michigan


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