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Thank you for supporting residents like Luann!

HIV. Pancreatitis. Degenerative bone disease. That's a partial list of the medical challenges Luann deals with daily. For five years, Luann was stuck in a costly medical purgatory. It started with a bout of pneumonia. Luann coughed so hard she broke a bone in her spine.

That landed her in the nursing home for the first time. From there she bounced from ER, to hospital, to nursing home -- and back again for five years. Five years.

Luann broke this expensive cycle when she got the chance to move into a Clare Housing Care Home.

"I feel I've been plucked out of hell and ended up in heaven," Luann says. The proactive, supportive care she receives every day at Clare Housing has made all the difference.

"I haven't had one ambulance ride since moving in. It's amazing. The other residents and the staff here -- they feel like my family now too. Coming here is so much better than living in a nursing home.”

Not only is it better for Luann, it’s also better for Minnesota’s pocketbook. A report commissioned by Clare Housing has shown that the supportive care Luann and residents like her receive saves the State a half million dollars a year. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’re proving that every day, thanks to supporters like you.


Clare Housing is an innovative leader of supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS for the past three decades. During the past ten years alone, we have grown from housing 8 people to over 200.

Using access to affordable supportive housing as our foundation, we provide more dedicated housing to people living with and affected by HIV than anyone else in the state of Minnesota. Why does housing matter for people living with HIV?

Put simply, housing equals healthcare. Housing provides the stable environment needed to help people successfully manage the illness. An average of 90% of our residents have an undetectable amount of HIV in their bloodstream. Compare that to around 60% for the state of Minnesota and only 30% for the United States!

Not only does getting people to “undetectable” help the individual person live a better life, it saves tax-payers money that would otherwise be spent on costly emergency room visits, AND it is crucial to stopping the spread of HIV. People with an undetectable amount of HIV are drastically less likely to spread the virus to others.

Dr. Jeff Flynn, MD at North Memorial Hospital says it best, “What Clare Housing is doing is working. What we need to do is more of it.”

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