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Individuals rely on legal professionals to advise, advocate and represent them at critical crossroads in life. However, hiring an attorney is not possible for many Minnesotans.  There are not enough legal aid attorneys.  To illustrate this point: in Minnesota, for every 7,000 low-income individuals, there is only one legal services attorney. This is why our work is crucial.  We recruit volunteer attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to fill this tremendous gap.  Without pro bono legal services, hundreds of individuals in Northeastern Minnesota would suffer loss of financial stability, housing, relationships with their children and other basic needs because they were unable to advocate for themselves in our complicated legal system.

Our work changes lives.

Carla Johnson was a medical professional working full-time.  She was happily married, and was living comfortably until she was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer.  She made a desperate call to the Volunteer Attorney Program as Legal Aid could not assist her.  She was now unable to work, her disability had been denied, her medical costs had risen to over $80,000, and her marriage was in shambles.  She was living on the couch of a friend, and her husband filed for divorce.  She could not afford an attorney to help her with any of her problems.

The Volunteer Attorney Program was able to provide pro bono attorneys to help her with her disability claim, debts, and divorce.  After a few months, Carla had her own apartment, she succeeded in her disability appeal, and had a nearly complete divorce from her husband.  Finally Carla was able to take care of herself and her breast cancer is now in remission.

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