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zAmya Theater Project brings together homeless and housed individuals in Minnesota to create and perform theater. We gather and share real stories to build understanding, awareness, and connection that motivates and empowers people to end homelessness, break through stereotypes, and restore dignity.

Coming Together in New Ways, Every Day

Two zAmya Troupe Members sitting on a float in the May Day Parade. They are dressed in bright reds and yellows.zAmya Troupe Members Annette and Tahiti at the May Day Parade

Your support turns “homeless” from a word back into a person. Or persons. Living, breathing, laughing, singing persons. Who act in entertaining, original productions that are guaranteed to change your mind, if not your life. 

While we've had to change the format of our work during the pandemic, we've been as busy as ever and have exciting projects on the horizon. Your support will allow us to:

~Offer weekly zAmJams, creative expression sessions 

~Produce the Homeless Network Newz, a bi-weekly online variety broadcast

~Adapt "A Prairie Homeless Companion" satire to a radio drama/podcast

~Continue creative partnerships with Catholic Charities Dorothy Day Center, Global Campaign Against Racism, and the  DHomes group, initiative of Hennepin Health Research Institute.

While isolation is an issue for our community in "normal" times, it has reached debilitating levels during the pandemic. Participants have shared that over the last year zAmya’s online activities are the primary means of connection for them, calling it ‘life saving.’ Thank you for supporting this work.

Thank you for your gift and for being a member of the zAmFam!

More about zAmya Theater Project

Since our founding in 2004, zAmya has impacted nearly 23,000 people through 212 performances and 184 workshops in locations ranging from boardrooms, to parks, to world-class facilities like the Guthrie Theater. In addition to creating and touring original theater, zAmya offers custom designed creative learning opportunities for companies, schools, shelters, and other organizations.

zAmya Theater Project employs a troupe of performers with lived experience of homelessness. The Troupe actively develops creative, leadership, and facilitation capacity as they co-lead workshops and productions for other participants. Each Troupe member brings 2-12 years of involvement and experience in comedy, creative writing, choral singing, composition, and spoken word. The Troupe is involved throughout the organization in all levels of planning, including two rotating positions on the Board of Directors and board committees. 

If you prefer to donate by check, please make them out to zAmya Theater Project and mail to 3501 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55047.

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