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Zion Lutheran is a place of welcome. Whether you are a life-long member of Swedish descent or a relative newcomer from other denominations, you will find a supportive community and family of faith at Zion.  Zion values its traditional setting for worship and music while inviting all who come through the doors to experience renewal of faith and receive communion. Weddings, baptisms, funerals and everything in between are encompassed in our mission, even if you aren't a member here. We provide local support and "a place to be" for community groups that range from football team suppers and senior game day to cooking and yoga classes. We bring in community speakers on history, mental health, estate planning, and the arts. Our vacation Bible school and Sunday school programming as well as our Confirmation classes and youth outings and camps offer a community of peers for kids to explore their faith and to feel safe. All ages are welcome and all ages have a purpose here. 

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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

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