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YouthLink is more than just a place. We're a refuge. Possibly, with the most critically needed resources for young people in the Twin Cities. YouthLink isn't just helping young people - we're creating hope and community for all. Open for more than 45 years, YouthLink provides resources for teens and young adults experiencing homelessness.  Many young people (more than 85% BIPOC) rely on our organization as a first point of contact for individualized, compassionate services as they being their journeys from homeless to hopeful. Last year, YouthLink helped 1,629 young people.  

"I've been through a lot, just being homeless the last eight years. YouthLink has made me feel they are my family. They make me feel like I have someone I can come to. Anything you need, you ask for help. That's why I am going to be in my own place - because I came here asking for help. I've learned that you can overcome anything. Any obstacle. YouthLink made me feel that this is not the end, there is more beyond this. YouthLink made me stronger." 

-Jasmine, YouthLink client, who recently moved into her own apartment with help and support from YouthLink

Thanks to a recently released six-year study by Dr. Steven S. Foldes and the University of Minnesota, YouthLink has clear data to support what we have known for a long time: preventing homelessness is best, but when youth homelessness does occur it is also solvable - and the model at YouthLink is the answer. The study showed benefits for our community, too. After six years, youth relied 40% less on government programs and total taxpayer costs decreased by 50%. And they were three times more likely to earn their GEDs and pursue education beyond high school. This data validates the critical need for the vital resources and services YouthLink provides daily. 

We don't need to rely solely on research and data to know that our model works. The youth themselves are telling us that it works. 


"Asking for help was challenging but being at YouthLink I grew comfortable and that allowed me to reach out in ways that felt right to me. The goals I have now for myself are having a home and finding a career path that is fulfilling. Something I can express myself through and something I can put all my energy into. YouthLink has positively impacted my life. I don't know where I would've been if this building wasn't here. I don't know where I would have gone." 

 - Amecio, YouthLink client and intern, who recently moved into his own apartment with help and support from YouthLink 

And the journey doesn't end with housing. With your support, YouthLink will work with Jasmine, Amecio and all of the youth who come to us for help to make sure they have the resources they need to stay stably housed and take on their dreams. With 7,500 young people aged 18-24 homeless across Minnesota every year, it's clear we have a lot more to do. It takes a community to do this work and we are so grateful to have you with us. Thank you for your support! 

There is a 6.9% service charge for donating through This is a processing fee and YouthLink does not profit from this. If you would like to add this fee to your donated amount, 100% of your intended donation will go to YouthLink.

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