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From an upstart summer garden program to a multi-faceted youth development organization, our work has greatly evolved over the past 26 years. We currently engage hundreds of youth across the Twin Cities in leadership development, farm and food programming, and community organizing events. Through changing times we are committed to being an organization that sees the need for change and makes it. As we continue to support communities, we have given the highest priority to engaging youth virtually, creating in-depth garden safety plans, and listening to the changing needs of neighborhoods. As always, we remain mission-driven and dedicated to the development of young leaders.

Our mission is simple. We farm to grow.

We farm to grow food, community, and, most importantly, young leaders. 

Youth Farm was established in 1995 and has since been an organization that focuses on youth development through teaching youth to plant, grow, harvest, cook, and ultimately feed the communities in which they live. Youth Farmers learn how to thrive and have a positive impact on the world around them, creating a youth-led food movement in the Twin Cities.

We grow leaders.

Youth Farm offers year-round programs for youth ages 9-24. We farm to educate and train through work in gardens and greenhouses. We cultivate leadership through encouraging youth to make decisions about and lead planting, growing, preparing, and selling efforts.

We grow food. 

From raspberries to radishes we seed, plant, grow, and harvest our food and bring it to our communities’ forks. We feed individuals and families through community meals, neighborhood events, and providing produce to Youth Farm families.

We grow community.

We live and work in the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of North Minneapolis and the Frogtown and West Side neighborhoods in Saint Paul. We encourage young leaders to get their peers, families, and neighbors of all ages involved in urban agriculture and community building.

We grow progress. 

For the past 26 years, we have created and implemented a development model that grows with our youth to challenge them where they are at with projects as well as leadership opportunities tailored to their individual ages, interests, and abilities.

We farm to give back.

Whether it is in the form of food, time, development, or service, we are committed to shaping our communities and neighborhoods in positive and meaningful ways.

Youth Farm by the numbers:

  • Youth Farm works alongside over 1,500 youth each year through direct programming, school partnerships, and community events
  • We have developed and nurtured over 150 community partnerships to date
  • In an effort to make farm and food education a cornerstone of the student experience, we partner with schools including:
    1. Nellie Stone Johnson Community School, Minneapolis
    2. Jackson Elementary School, Saint Paul
    3. Cherokee Heights Elementary School, Saint Paul - home of Youth Farm’s greenhouse
    4. Humboldt High School, Saint Paul
    5. Open World Learning Community, Saint Paul
  • 10,000+ healthy meals served annually
  • 24+ community events hosted each year, serving over 800 youth and 1,100 adults

We farm to grow.

We farm to play.

We farm to give.

We harvest relationships alongside cabbage.

We sow confidence with carrots.

We nurture leaders like the seeds we plant.

We gather pea pods along with knowledge.

We tend to peppers and in turn the community.

We work the land and let it transform us.

We farm to learn.

We farm to feed. 

We farm to grow.

Youth Farm. Where Leadership Grows.

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