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Youth Alive exists to disciple students to love and serve God passionately and to impact their world for Christ.

Teenage years are tough.  Changes in relationships, body, and mind affect every aspect of life. Walking through these years is often a mix of exhilaration and despair, sometimes in the same day.

We desire to help students find the stability and great joy of knowing Jesus and living for Him - not just becoming good moral people who will fit in with society.  We desire that students will become adults passionate for God and impacting the world around them, caring and serving because of what God has done for us.

Students from all walks of life are loved and changed by God at Youth Alive.  Student Care Units are a way of expressing your love for students and the activities at Youth Alive designed to reach them. Funds raised will supply books, training, resources, food, and communications for our regular meeting and between meeting times as we seek to impact this generation with the good news of Jesus.  

For example, one Student Ministry Care Unit can provide funds for a youthworker to take a student out for a bite to eat while helping them learn more about God's Word.  Or it may supply the material for games and mixers for a night at Youth Alive, allowing students to let down their guard and open up so that they can learn from their small group.  Or it may be provide the student's first bible - a good student study bible that will help them open up the word of God on their own.

 Please consider joining us in this great and exciting time!

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