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Youth Ministry Consultants is a ministry committed to helping churches, parents, leaders and volunteers share Jesus to the next generation with clarity and passion.  We simply believe that there are 3 circles of influence when it comes to passing faith onto the next generation: Parents—Churches—and Caring adults who invest in children and teenagers.

In today’s distracting world, it is essential that these influences go beyond good intentions. A phrase we say all the time is: “Hope is not a Strategy.” It’s nice to hope for things, but in today’s world, we must be increasingly strategic in our efforts.

We exist to help you—especially if you are a smaller church that often feels under-resourced, under-trained and over-worked.
We desire to serve any church, ministry or adult who cares about the next generation. We are developing a new emphasis on serving the small, under-resourced church through the Small Church Project.  

We seek to support those churches, leaders and ministries that often get ignored by national organizations through a relational approach. We are expanding with Regional Directors in Colorado and Iowa who are serving churches and leaders within their region.  This allows us to connect with churches through networks and relationships rather than conventions or curriculum.

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