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Have you ever had troubles putting on a shoe? Recently we took a group of eight girls on a retreat over Spring Break to Steamboat Springs, CO. While there for the scholarship portion of the trips expense Robin took the girls to a nursing home to paint nails and play bingo. When leaving a woman sitting on a couch facing away from the group said, “Who’s there, can you help me with my shoe?” Robin promptly leaned down to put the woman’s heel on her shoes, to which the woman hugged her, kissed each cheek and held her hand in appreciation. Our group then sang her a song. It was a very holy moment! Two of the girls were so touched tears rolled down their cheeks. One later shared, “I didn’t know such a simple act would make such a difference, I don’t think I will ever forget that!” YFC reaches young people everywhere! Even when THEY are serving in a nursing home!

Reaching kids,
Greg Gudal


***Thank you all for your support financially and prayerfully! We appreciate all donations but just wanted everyone to know that if you choose to give to the organization anonymously we will receive no information about the person that has given through


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