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Give to the Max Day 2021 has the most at stake for Youth and Family Circle!

For over ten years, Youth and Family Circle has been providing holistic services to BIPOC community in the Greater St. Paul Area. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and other economic factors, we have only seen the need in the community grow due to inequities in our economic system. 

In 2021 and 2022, our focus is on our Learning Center & field trips.

During 2020 and 2021 we built the first Distance Learning Center, any of our families have experienced a loss of income and housing insecurity or cannot work from home or take time off to ensure their children complete school work.

The other large part of our organization is community outings. We have conducted a yearly summer camp since 2011 that has positively impacted hundreds of local families. This is a mainstay, and we will continue to add in additional outings as the world opens back up again. 

  1. Academic support is of the utmost importance because participants success rate, whether it be getting a job, pursuing post-secondary training or education, or avoiding at-risk behaviors relies  in large part upon remaining enrolled in school. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, many youth  have fallen behind in their studies and need assistance to catch up and pass their courses. 
  2. Educational events will include information which is pertinent to the whole family unit. These seminars focus on prevention tools to inspire positive outcomes in the areas of drugs and  alcohol, internet usage, and other at-risk behaviors, as well as promoting the development of  soft skills such as security, friendship, and respect. Budgeting and cost forecasting and  anticipation are taught in the financial literacy seminars, so participants realize the cost of  education as well as living expenses. 
  3. Mentorship partners participants with a caring, understanding adult who will be straightforward with them, but who is also there to listen to participants’ needs, fears, and  desires and to guide them with problem-solving techniques and resources. 
  4. College tours allow participants a glimpse of what their future may hold if they work hard and stay the course. It also offers participants the opportunity to evaluate what career or vocation  they are interested in pursuing. 
  5. Job shadowing gives participants a firsthand view of what different careers or occupations involve. 
  6. Support groups allow participants to share experiences and interests in a safe and secure setting. 
  7. Community engagement reinforces the value of contributing to society, developing new relationships, and serving others. 
  8. Career Day provides participants with information on and requirements of various occupations and professions, as well as job market and industry statistics and metrics. This helps  participants explore their vocational interests and the corresponding opportunities. 
  9. Summer camp allows participants to enjoy and learn from the outdoors and to develop team building skills as well as trying new activities.

100% of funding goes to the items listed above, including grant funding, covering overhead expenses: employee stipends, educational equipment and furniture, rent, and utilities. 

ABOUT: Youth and Family Circle aspires to positively impact the community by providing programs to children and families, including summer camps, support groups, seminars, and educational events. Our focus is on immigrants who are newer to Minnesota and the United States, mainly East African migrants who may be low-income and below the poverty level. We have a physical location in Ramsey County and provide programs and activities in our facility and elsewhere in the community.

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Significantly impacted by pandemic


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