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Inside every child is a spark-- something that excites and empowers them to do more and do better. Every child deserves to find this spark. Youth Advantage helps youth in the Stillwater area pursue their passions in extracurricular activities including athletics, music, visual arts and academics, providing scholarships and equipment to financially challenged families so that they can ignite this spark. We need support from people like YOU to continue our work.

Fund a Child's Dream

Youth Advantage's mission is funded solely through the generosity of financial donations. Please consider making a financial gift today to fund a child's dream.

  • $650 funds one family for one year.
  • $250 funds one child for one year.
  • $110 funds one child for one activity.


Monthly electronic gifting options are available and can be set up by selecting "Monthly" in the "Making a Donation" button on the right side of this screen.


A Testimonial To Make Your Heart Sing...

During a time of need Youth Advantage has been a wonderful gift to our family. Our son, Christian, wanted to participate in a youth choir event with the district, but due to a recent job loss, 2 children, and a new baby, there was not enough money for extra activities. After contacting Youth Advantage, he was able to receive a scholarship to participate. The people were extremely helpful at Youth Advantage and we were able to now afford the cost. Christian gained confidence in performing in front a group and increased his enjoyment of singing. Christian enjoyed the choir so much that he hopes to be in it again next year. What a wonderful experience for an 11 year old, all thanks to Youth Advantage. The exciting news was also to know he can enroll in other classes and sports events during this year and qualify for additional scholarships. What a wonderful program, someday we hope to give back to Youth Advantage, but for now, we are grateful.

These Boys Want to Play Ball!

I cannot express enough gratitude to Youth Advantage for providing assistance to us for my boys to play sports. It is a wonderful program to help families in need. When you have more than one child who wants to play sports, it can be very expensive. I go to school full time and work part time; without Youth Advantage, my boys would not be able to participate in the sports they choose. Youth Advantage has provided us with financial scholarships for my children to play baseball and football. Not only did they provide scholarships for them, they also provided equipment to them. What a great way to donate your used sports equipment!...

I have heard parents say that sports are raising our children these days, I disagree. I believe sports are the alternative to drugs and mischievous behavior for many kids. Sports builds character, teaches respect, how to listen to authority, they learn the power of winning and the sadness of loosing. All things that is beneficial to becoming an adult.

Thank You,

Angie S.

The Anderson Family Story

With today's economy it is really hard for a family to afford to put their children in extra activities. With the help of Youth Advantage my daughter was able to continue her love for softball. We are a working family of 5 and we believe that our children and other children in our community, and other communities deserve the option to be a part of sports and other community offered fun, educations programs. It is proven that when kids are involved in sports and other community activities it benefits the children, parents and the community. They learn how to be apart of a team, the importance of being active, and both the parents and their children meet new friends. It is so important for children to remain active physically and mentally, if there is nothing for our children to do after school or during the summer then we risk our children getting involved in the "wrong crowds", getting caught up in drugs and violence. We Thank you Youth Advantage for helping our family stay active and get more involved in our community!

A Daughter "Driven" for Success

We sincerely thank your organization and generous sponsors for the scholarship we received for our daughter to take driver's ed. Your assistance enables us to keep going through a period of financial and job struggles. More than that, it shows us that God is always faithful to our needs. Thank you so much!"



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