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The Pandemic Sadly Continues And Organizations Like YAI 

And The Young Artists Need Your Help To Survive!

Like all of us, Young Artists Initiative (YAI) has been watching the moving target that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past few weeks we have made difficult decisions to mitigate financial loss, keeping the safety of our community at the forefront. We suspended all summer outreach, YAI Fall 2020 Theatre Experience , YAI Winter 2020 Theatre Experience , new 2020 gatherings and events, and in person organizational meetings during the pandemic and (sadly) are prepared for the possibility we may also need to cancel our YAI Summer 2021 Theatre Experience. We will make this decision by June 1, 2021, and in the meantime are preparing for the possibility of offering this program in a social-distanced format, consistent with CDC, WHO and MN Department of Health guidance.

These measures will not be enough to recover from the financial blow the pandemic has caused. That’s why we’re joining GiveMN’s special #GiveToTheMax campaign, with a goal of $20,000 to help us open our doors as soon as we are allowed, rehire our artists and staff, and move forward with all hands on deck to welcome our young artists for the summer and fall experiences. 

We ask this humbly, knowing that this pandemic has likely also affected your family's financial situation or other organizations you support. These are difficult times for everyone indeed and I know the challenges faced in considering donations at this time. 

Recently a YAI parent suggested a helpful way to ask for support: Ask people if they have noticed a difference in their child or the child they are connected to in YAI. Have they shown more confidence or comfort in who they are as a person? Have they grown in their work ethic, friendships, or goals? Does YAI bring this child joy? If they can answer yes, ask them one more question. How can you help support this place, this village that brings these wonderful things into these kids lives? 

If your response to these questions is yes, please give what you can now, so YAI can continue to be a place where youth can grow, laugh, be challenged, and share their artistic passion and joy with each other. We cannot do this without your support… now more than ever. 


The mission of Young Artists Initiative (YAI) is to transform lives through theater! We do this by educating young theater artists through accessible, high quality performing arts programming offered in an inclusive community setting.


YAI grew out of a desire to provide excellent theater opportunities to young people whose economic situations may prevent them from accessing such creative endeavors. Our company does BIG work, and it is our mission and our level of quality that draws local artists and families to work with us.

Four qualities distinguish YAI from other youth performing groups: our commitment to kids – not just the production; our commitment to learning – including our board members, adult artists and youth; our commitment to excellence - creating high-quality artistic productions; and our undying passion for what we do.  This is why we’re still around for our 16th season.

YAI's organization thrives with our artistic staff and a committed group of volunteers— educators, artists, alumni parents, and community members — who continue to support and grow the work of YAI, carrying forward the mission of the organization and ensuring the highest quality experiences for the young artists in YAI’s charge.  Since its inception, YAI has produced more than 30 full-scale theatrical shows, including plays, musicals, and interactive theater. 

Make an investment in Minnesota's young people!

NOW AVAILABLE! Monthly giving is now available. You can select this option when you click on donate. Sign-up is quick and easy, and it is a great way to offer continued support and make an even bigger difference for Young Artists Initiative!

Make today the day you donate and change a childs life!

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