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Make an ETERNAL difference, share HOPE!

We invite you to make an ETERNAL DIFFERENCE to see together what only God can do...WOW! 
Starting now, this Holiday season WOW Ministries International will reach well over 1 million people through outreach efforts. To learn more about these outreach efforts please visit: About WOW Ministries International.

To learn about a brand new outreach, The 42:7 PROJECT as well as what we've been up to see our  Newsletter by clicking here
Also visit the 42:7 PROJECTS website at 

Please join us in sharing the Good News.
WOW Ministries International is a registered Nonprofit 501(c)3 Christian Organization here to “Redeem the Time for believers both here and abroad to ‘know, grow, and go’ –beyond ourselves to live the Spirit-Led life.” 

There are four missions of WOW Ministries for Kingdom Impact to partner in: 

IMPACT ID - To Bring Framework for Families in shifting times...

By God’s grace, these two projects now have reached around the world. One is for families and adults, the other for the next generation; both with teaching and training, including many resources and tools for organizations. Learn about these, as well as how the projects can aid YOU to "Impact Identity" – the identity of you, your family, and others. Monies for this piece go to both of these outreach projects. See About Impact ID.

LINKing IN to GOD & COMMUNITY ONLINE – “For Head-knowledge to become Heart-Knowing”…

An on-line community for discipleship based teaching and resources for both here & abroad (Countries not mentioned). Within the first two weeks, we saw over 83,000 in engagement on the LINKing IN community. In a 12 day period, we also saw engagement of over 36,000 people on one of the social platforms. Why is this of value? ENGAGEMENT for prayer, resources, and for discipleship based learning. The content via the community Blog, with practical application, includes podcasts and forums for learning and growth, an interactive community to connect with and receive support via prayer, sharing stories, free resources, and more. Monies for this piece go to extend the reach in translation. See LINKing IN Online.

WOW MINISTRIES ABROAD – “Crossing Lines of Latitude & Longitude”…

Extending the reach of WOW’s partners in one simple way: repeating what WOW does here and sharing it abroad with strategic initiatives. WOW is transcending lines of culture and generations; Christ’s last command is our first concern. We are sharing the Gospel and building the Church through conferences, leadership training, resources and tools. On one 13 day trip, the True ID team, events, and speakers were brought to over 1,000 youth and college aged individuals for a 3 day intensive as well as leadership training for 500 leaders. While there, they partnered with several international organizations for community development projects to reach the bottom-line: the marginalized. For full information see  full information contact us at Contact Us and Visit WM Abroad to learn more.

SPEAKING – “To Redeem the Time”…

Casey and her husband Martin's compassion and vision was clear as they founded a non-profit ministry that extends beyond themselves and the speaking ministry. This same passion is evident in Casey's teaching, inspirational speaking, and outreach presentations as they are shared in creative and compelling ways. Casey shares as an inspirational, Bible-teacher, and mentor with her creative outreach talks both here and abroad. She is known for her content, creativity, and relatability to any audience. All Casey's speaking fees and profits from her writing go to the outreach efforts of WOW Ministries. To learn more, Visit nofo

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