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Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine: what kind of world do you want to see? Perhaps you want a world that is kinder. More equitable. Creative. Sustainable. Just.

At World Savvy, we believe big things are possible and that, every day, we can move closer to the world we imagine. And we believe this work starts with youth. 

Will you join us today by donating to World Savvy’s Fall Campaign, and help us prepare a new generation of empathetic and engaged global citizens ready to address complex, real-world challenges right at home and across the globe?

Just imagine: an education system that empowers educators and prepares students to tackle some of our communities’ biggest challenges. Schools where every student knows that their identity is valuable—a core component of their learning that connects them to their peers and to the wider world. Communities where the walls between learning, school, and identity are torn down, where young adults remain engaged after graduation and are energized toward building a vibrant multi-ethnic democracy. And as a result, a world where everyone takes deep pride in being a global citizen—knowing more, caring more, and doing more to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world.

To date, World Savvy has reached more than 808,000 students and 6,800 educators in 45 US states and 32 countries. At this critical time, we are more committed than ever to our bold 2035 Vision of engaging 10,000 K-12 schools in diverse geographies across the U.S., reaching an estimated 5 million students. This will ensure that we reach a critical mass in this work that changes discourse across the country about what constitutes a quality education that helps all kids thrive and become engaged citizens and changemakers in their communities. 

Because of your support, World Savvy students will know more, care more, and do more - and they are making the world we want possible.

"During these past 5 years, World Savvy has helped me guide my students through a variety of student led projects…the result has been student empowerment. Student empowerment. This has happened through their discovery that their own lives are expressions of the very concept, values, behaviors and skills found in the Global Competence Matrix."
- Daniel Aamot, World Savvy Educator

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