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In 2006, Randy & Pat Mortensen traveled to Haiti and experienced the poverty and needs of the Haitian people up close and personal.  Along with a group of entrepreneurs from Minnesota, they pledged to support Haitian families with funding, resources, expertise and a Biblical approach to address poverty, health, education and spiritual needs. This was the birth of World Wide Village.

From 2006-2010 World Wide Village partnered with local Haitian leaders to begin the process of helping build sustainable communities.  Education is the cornerstone of building these communities, so with the help of faithful supporters, World Wide Village assisted two pastors in building new schools in the rural villages of Williamson & Luly, Haiti. 

During this time, World Wide Village also saw a substantial need for better housing.  Many Haitians live in poorly constructed tarp or mud homes.  Since 2006, WWV has trained and hired many local Haitians to work alongside American construction crews to build new homes for families in need.  To date, WWV has assisted in building over 50 homes in Haiti. 

Then on January 12, 2010, tragedy struck.  A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit near the capital of Haiti.  Upward of 300,000 Haitians were killed during the earthquake as pre-existing poverty and poor housing conditions exacerbated the devastating effects.

World Wide Village responded to this crisis by meeting the immediate needs of the people by providing thousands of Haitians with emergency medical care, food and clean drinking water. 

As the immediate needs of the earthquake passed, it was possible for WWV and the leaders of Williamson and Luly to resume working toward the development of sustainable communities once more.  These efforts included working closely with the Haitian pastors and community leaders to discuss their needs, their resources and their goals for their communities. 

These discussions have led to the vision of City on a Hill, a project to revitalize the rural communities of Williamson and Luly with access to healthcare, vocational training opportunities, enhancements in agri-business, additional housing and spiritual growth and development. 

As WWV has moved forward with plans for building sustainable communities and meeting physical needs in Haiti, it’s clear that the foundation of these communities needs to be a strong local church that is rooted in the word of God. Thanks to American pastors with a heart for discipleship, World Wide Village has seen amazing growth that has led to a new pastor's coalition, pastoral training, and local discipleship groups.

World Wide Village envisions a time when education will be widespread in Haiti, healthcare will be available to all, and faith in Jesus Christ will be a catalyst for the reestablishment of the family unit, healthy children, and economic stability.

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