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Our Vision

We envision a future where our human footprint is in balance with life on Earth, enabling all species to thrive.

Our Mission

We inspire narrative, behavioral, and system change toward substantially downscaling human impact to enable natural ecosystems, nonhuman animals, and humanity to flourish together.  Here are our three pillars:

  1. We empower people to make liberated and informed choices for themselves, their families, and the planet, including adopting broader understandings of “family” with our human and nonhuman kin. 
  2. We advocate for a radical shift in our relationship with all animals and with the entire natural world: from one of domination and exploitation, to one of reverence, justice, and care.  
  3. We challenge the unjust and growth-driven socioeconomic systems that exploit and disempower human communities and threaten all life on Earth.  

Our programs include a podcast, classroom and conference presentations, and popular media publications to help make the connections among pronatalism, reproductive and social justice, overpopulation, and ecological collapse, and to promote urgently needed solutions while exploring how human centrism and our current economic and political models stand in the way.

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