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A public, tuition-free charter Montessori school making a high quality, accredited Montessori education accessible to all students in grades 1-8.

The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori philosophy of education looks at the student as a whole person, and at learning as an interconnected process - not separate subjects limited to pen, paper, and lecture.

At WLS, students are encouraged to make choices, take risks, develop self-discipline, and work both independently and in collaborative groups.


How We Teach

Within each multi-age classroom, the children move through the lessons at their own pace.  Children devlop a sense of ownership and of control over their own education, and there is virtually no fear of being "behind" nor stigma of being "ahead." 

Teachers are responsible for guiding the children through their learning process and making sure all of the concepts are covered.   Students are viewed as individual learners, each with a unique learning style and capabilities.  Our AMI and AMS-accredited teachers carefully prepare lessons and the classroom to appeal to multiple approaches and to capture the interest and attention of each student on his or her own terms.

The WLS classrooms contain a wealth of beautiful materials that engage all of a students senses.   At every level, the students are able to learn through a combination of hands-on and abstract activities that are designed to take advantage of the different learning stages (lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school).


A Global View

We also take the World concept very seriously.   Students learn about their part in our interconnected, global society.  Field trips encourage a sense of community and of a larger world.   Students are taught about other cultures, tolerance, and being careful of their impact on the world as a whole.


A Chaska Tradition

The World Learner School has a proud heritage of more than 15 years serving the learning needs of students.  We have recently added a third Upper Elementary classroom, and plans are in the works to grow even more!


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