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UFO (33 years) supports works in India in the areas of medical, educational & outreach. We are raising funds to work for them.

WHO WE ARE- Glen and Diane Grindahl

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Welcome to “working for India!”  We hope you gain an understanding of who we are and what is on our hearts to do for India.

Our formative years were spent in Northern Minnesota with a strong Scandinavian heritage with a definite exposure to international work that influences us to this day.

 The 1970’s found us attending college in St. Paul, MN pursuing a formal education.  Marriage soon followed and we settled in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  We have been blessed with three fabulous children, two of whom are married with one soon to follow.

 Through the course of our lives we have been involved in medicine, business, service and international travel.  Our experiences in these fields along with a number of international trips leading youth and adults, (Mexico, Jamaica, India, Tanzania, Kenya and Ecuador) have impacted our desire to help non-profit groups outside the U.S.

 In 2004 we traveled to India to see the work in Southern India started in the 1970’s by two brothers in Kerala.  Even though we had been aware of the various aspects of “E”Ministries, to witness and experience first hand the impact on the surrounding community is yet another thing.  We returned to the US with an expanded understanding of the greater world around us and our lives were altered forever.

 Recently, we have stepped into the role of promotion and development for UFO (United Fellowship Outreach) and are excited to share what we will be doing in the near future.  UFO is a fundraising organization which supports “E” Ministries and Bethany Medical Centre in India.

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