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This year is different for survivors.

Women’s Advocates are experts in finding resources that increase safety. We don’t want to withhold our expertise at a time when women and others are being punished by inequity, economic hardship, isolation, and unfair control over their lives from oppressive people – and systems.   Since April, we have been expanding our safety resource and advocacy efforts on good faith that the community will join us and fund this new work.  We have begun expanding the reach and strategy of our safety resource outreach, our shelter costs have increased as we maintain and increase emergency shelter beds, and we’ve doubled our housing and advocacy for women after they’ve left our shelter since housing has become even more difficult to find.

You have a chance to help Women’s Advocates continue growing our domestic violence response and make it better than what we’ve become used to. You can help undo this tangled web of oppression for so many women in our community.  

Give as much as you can.  Every donation made will turn into an opportunity for change for someone who really needs it.

Your support saves lives.

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