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We hear the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat before we’re even born — drumming is universal and the rhythms are within all of us!  Drumming offers everyone a music-making experience without the requirement of highly specialized skills. And research has demonstrated that drumming provides significant health benefits for body and mind.   

For decades the Women's Drum Center (WDC) has inspired women, girls, and their community through percussion workshops at the WDC studio, outreach programs, and the fabulous drumming energy of the WDC’s performance ensemble, drumHeart. WDC drummers have spurred on runners and walkers at events such as Race for the Cure, the Twin Cities AIDS Walk, and Headwaters Walk for Justice.

The Women’s Drum Center — The Nonprofit Organization
The Women’s Drum Center is a volunteer-based organization and functions as a community center supporting all-female as well as co-ed programs.

Programs include many drum types and styles of drumming and percussion from around the world, along with programs that use the drum for health and healing. Programs are run both at the Center and outside locations such as daycare centers, senior centers, schools, and churches. The Center is also home to the drumHeart performance ensemble.

Our Mission
To bring people together to share the powerful connection of drumming. 

Our Vision
To share world percussion as a means of connecting people of all backgrounds and fostering respect and kindness..

Our Ongoing Goal
Continue to focus on women of all ages and offering all members of the community opportunities to explore how drums and music may benefit them today and for the rest of their lives.

We Need Your Help
The Women’s Drum Center operates year-round. Participant and program fees cover much of the WDC’s direct expenses but there are indirect expenditures that require added financial support. Each year the WDC seeks to raise an added $30,000 to help offset operating costs, keep program and class fees affordable, and provide resources for WDC teachers and services.

Please consider supporting the WDC’s mission of sharing the joyful, magical and powerful art of drumming. Your donation is tax-deductible and will help keep drumming and percussion available and affordable for everyone in the WDC’s community.

Thank you!

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