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Ayada Leads (previously known WOW Network) is a nonpartisan civic leadership organization that supports political inclusion and gender equality. Our mission is to inspire new American women, especially African Diaspora women, to become engaged citizens and community leaders, regardless of political affiliation. Our vision is to build a world in which more women hold positions of power and leadership in government, community, and business settings.

This year we are fundraising for our Future Leaders in the Making program. The Future Leaders in the Making program training series aims to inspire girls and, our Future Leaders are paired with mentors from their community who will young women so that they can find their power and become confident leaders. Designed for ages 14-25 to help them identify their purpose and create attainable goals.

Minority young women in our community encounter challenges everywhere. They not only share their communities’ struggles over limited resources and systematic discriminations. They deal with the pressure to fit in as well as other social problems. Yet these young women possess the individual and collective power to change their lives, their communities and the world we live in. Just as they face daily challenges, they are continually developing innovative, effective ways to improve their lives. By mentoring and nurturing their wisdom and creativity, they can realize and achieve their dreams. Your donation will help us to continue our work of training and mentoring young women in our communities.


-Gaining practical real-world knowledge through meeting and talking with women leaders from abroad 

-Engaging in reflective activities to gain insight into personal leadership strengths, styles and development opportunities

-Networking with young women who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Learning about feminine leadership, how to deal with gender inequality, and turning challenges into opportunities from accomplished women in their communities.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to us and community to have your support. 


Advocacy Efforts

We engage in advocacy that focuses on the needs of girls and young women from minority communities and girls who face multiple, intersectional challenges such as those based on class, ethnicity, disability, gender, immigration status, race and religion.

Education: Pathways to Success

We help the participants to understand the importance of education. That finishing school and getting college level education is the path to their future self. That difficulties are to be expected and signal that getting good grades is important. The programs also provide opportunities for future career exploration. 

Building Confidence & Overcoming Self-doubt In order to overcome negative thoughts, we encourage young women to find their authentic self, which will allow them not only to see their future but to have faith in their thoughts and opinions. We believe that young women are more likely to succeed when their passions and ideas are supported, especially when their supporters help them cultivate a sense of purpose. In this program we address intergenerational cultural dissonance and we coach the participants to know their value and embrace their background. We also cover issues with gender roles and expectations.

How to Identify Harmful Behaviors and Abuse

We help the participants to recognize the signs of bullying and other forms of abuses. We coach them to decode the messages they are exposed to such as media influence on body image. The program highlights the importance of self-care for young women. 

Communication Skills

Developing effective communication skills help young women feel inspired. In this program the participants will learn the benefit of good presentation skills and public speaking. They get exposed to the fundamentals of what makes a successful presentation while addressing the specific challenges women face when speaking up. We also train the participants the way they communicate with an individual or audience should be influenced by the interlocuter’s cultural norms, faith and other social factors.

Financial Literacy

Good credit is key to future financial success. Teaching financial capability is important because youth are increasingly facing higher levels of debt. The program introduces the participants to a more formal instruction on money matter such as saving, spending and the importance of focusing on short-term goals (buying an item, saving money, paying off a debt) to be able to get to long-term financial goals (saving for college, buying a house).

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