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WWW is on the front line fighting for wolf dog and hybrid (wolf x dog) ownership. 

WWW is battling an animal rights organization trying to take away peoples rights to own breed specific animals, most of all wolf-dogs and hybrids. 

WWW is in a federal court battle trying to prove that wolf-dogs and hybrids are NOT covered under the ESA. If WWW looses in court THOUSANDS of  socialized, loving animals will be put down. 😩  With your donation the battle for the right to own breed specific animals (hybrids and wolf-dogs) will continue. Lets keep these loved ones together with their families.  

WWW's legal battle is just the beginning of what animal rights fanatics are trying to do to EVERYONES loved pets. First Wolf-dogs, then pit bulls, then german shepards. The list does not end.  These people are ANTI-AGRICULTURAL,  ANTI-HUNTING and ANTI-ANIMAL OWNERSHIP. (Even cats and dogs) Please help us stop them. 

WWW is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to education and conservation with the objective of improving the public's understanding and importance of both captive and wild animals. WWW is also passionate about animals needs when displaced by changing laws and social pressure.

WWW takes in captive wild animals that are being misplaced by changing laws and public bullying from animal rights organizations. 

EVERY PENNY donated will go towards the legal battle to save our loved family members (wolf dogs) from being taken away and put down. 

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