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You are always welcome to join us in making a difference. 

A critical part of WithAll's manifesto states, "We believe in strength in numbers and stand by partners who want health for all. Mental. Physical. All of it." This year on Give to the Max Day, we ask that you join the fight in promoting eating disorder recovery and prevention, so we can make an impact TOGETHER!

If you help us hit our goal today, we will be able to...

  • provide immediate support to the individuals waiting for a grant to pursue intensive treatment for a life-threatening eating disorder
  • equip 10,000 adults with how to talk about food and body around kids during the holiday season

Learn more about our Recovery Support Program!

Learn more about our What to Say prevention initiative!

What Your Donation Will Do

Your donation will help make an impact on real people: those in need of recovery support, and those who hope to play a role in prevention.

$500 can...

  • Reach 500 adult role models with What to Say prevention materials

“What to Say opened up new channels of communication with my 15 year old twin daughters. Together, we scrapped some old ideas about food and adopted better ways of thinking and talking about it” Katherine, a mom reached with What to Say

Donate $500

$137 can...

  • Provide one week of groceries for Alex* so she can seek intensive treatment.

“I am away from family and friends which is a huge challenge for me. Having to go to the grocery store by myself every week and planning my meals is hard to do alone. Paying for these groceries is nearly impossible without an income.” - Alex*, a Recovery Support Program applicant

Donate $137

$50 can...

  • Equip one parent with free, anytime access to resources to get help for an adult worried about their child’s relationship to food and body

“Words matter, and how we speak about our body image is so important. What to Say is saving lives with early intervention and prevention around eating disorders. I only wish the adults in my life had been better informed when I was sick with my eating disorder as a teen.” - Chloe, a What to Say participant

Donate $50

$36 can...

  • Provide 1 day of housing to Sarah* so she can seek intensive treatment.

“I anticipated treatment would take a while, but I did not think it would take this long. I need to work on my recovery and stay in treatment though because my body needs me to be better! Leaving treatment because of finances would be really dangerous at this point and I’m not able to risk it.” - Sarah*, a Recovery Support Program applicant

Donate $36

WithAll is with YOU, 

but our work cannot be done without YOU.

It's your financial support that enables us to provide living-expense grants for individuals seeking recovery, as well as simple, actionable resources to equip adults to prevent eating disorders for our children.

Every Give to the Max Day donation makes a difference and puts us a step closer to unlocking $10,000 in matching funds!

*All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of our applicants.


For more information about our impact, work, and new initiatives, please visit our website withall.org.

Donation questions? Contact us directly at hello@withall.org.

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