Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE)

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Who are we?

WISE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to support immigrant and refugee women, girls, and those on the feminine gender spectrum in their journey of self-actualization through culturally-responsive education, advocacy, systems change and resource development. Learn more at www.womenofwise.org.

How we self-empower

Education & Leadership Development Programs

WISE runs 4 programs that work with immigrant and refugee women, girls, and their families on developing the knowledge and skills to build their own self-sufficiency and navigate complex systems. This includes:

  1. Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership (6-12th grade girls youth program)
  2. WeLEAD (college women program)
  3. Healthy Relationships (girls youth program & community support)
  4. Parent Encouragement (community support & advocacy)

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Donor Level Description
Self-Love Donor Level

Our program participants learn the importance of practicing self-love and self-preservation in their educational, familial, and career journeys. When they show themselves love and care, they are able to heal themselves and become stronger in the process.

Self-Confidence Donor Level

The confidence of our women and girls increases as they learn more about their identities, their interests, and their community. When they are self-confident, they believe in the decisions they make and their ability to achieve their goals.

Self-Sufficient Donor Level

Our women and girls receive leadership training that teaches them to make use of all opportunities and resources available to them. This ultimately teaches them to pave their own paths and care for their own needs.

Self-Empowered Donor Level

Through our program support, women and girls have a higher understanding of their identity, their worth, and their potential to learn and achieve. When they are self-empowered, they are ready to tackle challenges and navigate complex systems to reach their goals.

Self-Actualized Donor Level

Through their own hard work, our women and girls realize their dreams. They continue to explore personal and professional development opportunities all the while reinvesting their talents in the causes they care about.

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