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Hey everyone, welcome to Give to the Max day! This year we would like to highlight our exciting and critical role in the captive breeding and reintroduction of both endangered Mexican gray wolves and endangered red wolves.  Both species suffered from human persecution, and were declared  ecologically extinct in 1979. There were 11 red wolves and 7 Mexican  gray wolves left in the wild.  Those animals were gathered up by the  federal government with the intent to increase the population for an  eventual reintroduction. Both reintroductions finally happened, the red wolf in 1987 and the Mexican wolf in 1998.

The wild populations are currently suffering from lack of genetic diversity and continued  animosity from humans, so are heavily dependent on captive wolves to  continue to provide new animals for release. The Wildlife Science Center is proud to be the only facility in Minnesota that participates in both programs by providing a safe, healthy place for red wolves and Mexican gray wolves to stay until the time comes for them to join their wild kin. This year WSC is thrilled to welcome a group of red wolf puppies. These puppies may be wild one day, and we  all look forward to hearing of her adventures!

We are able to be a part of this national project because of support from wonderful people like you! Please  join us in supporting more puppies like this years red wolf puppies in getting a chance to once  again run free in their homeland. We invite you to continue supporting  our work through a donation that works for you. Give to the Max offers  one way to donate, but you can also go to our website if you wish to donate directly. Thank you all for being a part of our pack, and for supporting our endangered wolves!

The Wildlife Science Center, a private 501(c)(3) located in Stacy, MN, serves as an educational resource for all ages by providing exposure to a variety of wild animals, including wolves, mountain lions, lynx, fox, bears, raptors and many more. 

The animals at the center provide opportunities for study and inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and math-from high achievers to at-risk children. We encourage all learners to expand their abilities by thinking critically, analyzing data, and asking questions.

 Our Animals’ Stories

  • Endangered Species Survival Plan: Mexican gray, and red wolves.
  • Orphans: bears, bobcats, cougars, and wolves.
  • Rescued Animals: bears, coyote, gray and red foxes, and wolves.
  • Non-releasable Wildlife: raptors, orphans, and animals kept as pets.
  • Animal Planet’s Growing Up: Truck and Growly Pants from Growing Up Wolf, and Charlie from Growing Up Black Bear.

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